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Bertha Park High School


We are taking a modern approach to the way we are organising our toilets. We have three main toilet areas: one on each level. As can be seen from the picture below, they are open to the corridor and feature individual cubicles which are sealed from floor to ceiling - ensuring privacy.

They will be operate as follows:

  • the toilets on each floor will be for use by any pupil
  • the boys will use one side, the girls will use the other
  • the hand-washing islands in the middle will be shared

The toilets have been designed to discourage pupils using the facilities inappropriately and instead, create a safe environment for everyone. Many other new school buildings around the country operate in this way, and it works extremely well.

We will have single, gender-neutral toilets throughout the building that can be used by anyone. These toilets will also be wheelchair accessible.