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Bertha Park High School

Minecraft Challenge

As part of our Flagship Schools initiative, Microsoft have set a challenge for our future pupils: can anyone create a virtual fly-through of the school created completely in Minecraft?

Microsoft themselves have done this very thing with their new buildings in Seattle.

Microsoft built its new campus in Minecraft from CNBC.

If you are already a Minecrafter and have the software, maybe you'd like to give it a try. Could Bertha Park High be the first Flagship School to create a Minecraft version of their school? Maybe even just an outside fly-around, or dare you tackle the inside too?

If you fancy the challenge, you'll need the architectural plans to make a start:

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Thank you to Norr Architects for allowing us to use the plans

If you are working on it - drop us a line and let us know: BerthaParkHSP@pkc.gov.uk 

How to share your work

We'd love to see fly-through videos similar to Microsoft's above. Depending on the device you are using, there will be a different solution.

We suggest you research "screen capture gameplay on..." and then fill-in the type of device you have: iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC, Xbox, PlayStation.

However to get you started, here are some suggestions:

iPhones & iPads:
DU Recorder

For Android devices, search the Google Play Store for:
Apowersoft Screen Recorder and Mobizen

Multi-device solution
Bandicam software
(free versions available)

Xbox One
, try these instructions:

 try this: