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Bertha Park High School


Here is what we expect from teachers, pupils and parents during our period of remote learning.

Teachers will:

  • Deliver lessons at their timetabled slots
  • Be online at tutorial times to help pupils in real-time
  • Respond to questions outwith tutorial times, but not instantly! 
  • Have alternative plans in place should video link not be possible
  • Provide material for self-directed learning

Pupils should:

  • Be 'at school' at their timetabled slots
  • Treat these sessions as 'regular' school time
  • Respect the process and act sensibly
  • Complete the work given by teachers 
  • Contact school by email if they have any problems

Parents should:

  • Contact school by email if they have any problems
  • Support their children's learning where possible
  • Ensure their children 'attend' virtual school, and engage appropriately
  • Ensure their children complete outstanding work on a Thursday & Friday where no classes are timetabled
We greatly appreciate parental support, and please be patient as we tackle this challenge. We will certainly come up against difficulties but will evolve our model as we learn what works best. Those who engage the most, will get the most from this experience.