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Bertha Park High School

Our Values

We took what our learning community told us throughout a consultation in May & June 2018 and came up with a set of easily-remembered values that are at the root of everything we do at Bertha Park High School.

These values will work best if they are adopted by everyone in our learning community: pupils, staff and parents too. We ask that everyone helps us uphold this belief in all transactions in and with the school.

Our values are

Respect : Respect : Respect

 Each one has a story to tell:

Respect for yourself

We try our very best in all things, achieve all we can and value the learning opportunities we have. We turn out on time, appropriately dressed, ready to learn and participate. We look after ourselves, and do all we can to remain healthy, physically & mentally.Respect for others

We are courteous, polite and kind to everyone. We are respectful of all regardless of their background, gender, beliefs, views, sexuality, abilities, disabilities, or any other needs. We do not tolerate bullying in any form and ensure everyone feels valued, appreciated, safe and respected.

Respect for the Bertha Park Way

We have a respect for the way we do things around here. Every school has its own culture, and we respect ours. The way we dress, the way we conduct ourselves - in and out of school - and how we are in the community all reflects on our school. We have a respect and understanding for our way and we uphold it at all times.

Original consultation from May/June 2018

Throughout May and June of 2018 we asked parents and young people what kind of school we all wanted to create. What values? What vision? What culture? We received hundreds of responses and now have a clear idea of our direction of travel. The video will explain more.