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Bertha Park High School

Supported Study

Immersion Days

To support pupils with their exam revision during study leave each subject will be offering a days focused study. This will be dedicated time with a subject teacher to go over key content and skills as well as a final opportunity to ask any questions.

We understand that some pupils may have an exam on the day of their immersion day for another subject, however the teacher will be available all day.

To view a larger image of the timetable below, click on the picture and it will expand onto a new page. 

Immersion Days 24

 Study Support

Study support time is still available at lunchtimes and after school for various subjects. The image below contains a timetable of sessions available for our young people to access for additional support and revision. All pupils are encouraged to attend any sessions appropriate to their learning. 

Study Support 24

e-sgoil and SCHOLAR

e-Sgoil: All pupils have access to e-Sgoil via their GLOW launch pad. This has online Easter supported study sessions for all subjects which they can sign up for.

Achieve Learning: Achieve (hashtag-learning.co.uk) This fabulous resource has each course split into topics, young people can self-evaluate their learning, self-assess, and then practice the relevant past paper question. If pupils don’t already have an account they must create one and enter the school code i4PRLZXU.

A further resource is SCHOLAR, this can also be accessed via GLOW launch pad. This is slightly limited as not all courses are available but still a useful resource.

Class OneNote

Pupils will be aware that they have revision materials on their class OneNotes (found on pupil iPads) to help with their revision. This will allow them to access course notes, videos, worked examples and past paper materials. Past papers can also be found on the SQA website: - https://www.sqa.org.uk/pastpapers/findpastpaper.htm