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Bertha Park High School


During this difficult time, Bertha Park High School recognises the need to maintain regular contact with our pupils. Through our remote learning programme, all pupils have access to subject based learning and our Guidance team are keen to provide support to all members of our school community in the best possible way. 


Social contact has been significantly reduced and as a result, we have created an opportunity for communicate virtually with our pupils. All pupils are advised to use the Contacting Guidance form to raise a concern with Mrs Cuthbertson or Mr McMartin. If a pupil would like to discuss a virtual meeting, use the form and we will be able to facilitate this through Microsoft Teams and your iPad.


Bertha Park High School also recognises that this is an uncertain time for parents. Children are watching how the adults around them react to all situations and Covid-19 is no different. Adults must strive to model appropriate responses for the young people around them - this is by no means an easy task. We have started to collate information and resources that parents may find helpful at this time. You will find these on the Parent Information page.