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Bertha Park High School

Pupil Support                          

The Pupil Support department are keen to maintain contact with pupils and parents during this difficult time. We are continuing to support pupils remotely with work and regular contact. It is important that pupils are given the opportunity to contact the department if they are worried about their learning or would like general support.

Parent Contact

Parents can contact Mrs Stead or Mrs Heenan by using the main school email.

Your email will be forwarded to Mrs Stead or Mrs Heenan from the general office. Please note: a response may not be immediate but we will endeavour to be in touch by the end of the next day.

Pupil Contact

Pupils can contact Mrs Stead by completing the Contact Pupil Support form. Mrs Stead will check this daily and will be in touch through glow email or will arrange a virtual meeting through Teams. Please note: a response may not be immediate but we will be touch by the end of the next day.



Useful Websites:

Enquire – Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning


Children and Adults with ADHD/ADD

Adders  - Scottish website shows links to local support groups

Understanding ADHD

CHADD – The national resource on ADHD (USA based website).

ADHD Information Services



Perth Autism Support  - Local support group.

National Autistic Society - Helpline : 0845 070 4004.

Scottish Autism

Children with Autism

NHS Autism Info


Down's Syndrome

Down's Syndrome Association






The Dyspraxia Foundation 


Cerebral Palsy




Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Toolkit

Dyslexia Scotland – North East

Dyslexic.com - Technological products information.

Dyslexie Font - Free to download for home use.

Crossbow Education - Visual stress resources.

Dyslexia Action

Understanding Dyslexia




Tourettes Action


Other useful websites

Stress and Anxiety - Useful information compiled by NHS Lothian.

National Association of Able Pupils

Enquire - For young people with Additional Support Needs.

Winston's wish - Supporting bereaved children and their families.

Afasic - Information relating to speech, language and communication difficulties.