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Bertha Park High School

Our Uniform

In September 2018, we partnered with 3rd year students of the B.A. (Hons) Visual Communication and Design degree at Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands, to help us design our school identity. After robust design and consultation with pupils and parents, Camelia's tartan and Reagan's logo were chosen. 

Ordering your blazer *Deadline*

You can purchase blazers and ties for the term beginning in August 2019, now at Aitken & Niven in High Street, Perth. Blazers cost between £32 and £38.50, depending on size, and the ties cost £10.

Our tie

The tie is made from an original tartan, designed exclusively for our school. There's more to the design than meets the eye, though. Camelia, the designer, converted the letters of Bertha Park into numbers; the numerical pattern that emerged was used to determine how many millimetres the stripes would be spaced apart.

Ties are available from our uniform partners - Aitken & Niven in Perth


A purple blazer features as part of the Bertha Park High School uniform for all pupils S1 to S6.

Blazers is available from our uniform partners - Aitken & Niven in Perth


Shirts, trousers, jumpers, skirts & shoes

The following clothing completes our uniform:

  • a white shirt or blouse that can button to the top
  • a black skirt or dress trousers
  • black dress shoes

All shirts must be buttoned to the top and the tie must be worn at the top, too. Boys' shirts must be completely tucked-in at all times.

  • whilst it is not compulsory, pupils may wear a plain, black v-neck jumper if it would help to keep them warm on colder days. Please, no branding or labels. 

Please avoid

The following clothing does not form part of our uniform:

  • trainers or sports shoes (even if they are black in colour) - except for during PE classes
  • black shoes with white banding at the bottom
  • jeans (even if they’re on sale in the ‘school wear’ section)
  • denim jackets
  • leggings (thick or thin)
  • hoodies or any branded jumpers
    School-branded hoodies (available soon) may be worn for specific sporting events


The blazer costs between £32 & £38.50 depending on size and includes the school logo embroidered on the front pocket. The tie costs £10. Pupils moving into S2 in August 2019 will receive their Bertha Park High School tie for free, as they have already made a tie purchase for starting Perth Grammar School in August 2018.

The community told us, through the values consultation, what factors are important in establishing our school. Here's how our uniform fits with some of those:

Values How does this fit?
safety Helps avoid competition over named brands jackets, preventing bullying
inclusion All families have a relatively modest spend for a jacket


Promotes school spirit and a feeling of belonging to part of a team
pride Everyone can look and feel like they take pride in the school's image
community Pupils will be identifiable, promoting a positive image in the community 

We are extremely grateful to all the students, and tutors of the B.A. (Hons) Visual Communication and Design degree at Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands for designing our image. Each of their designs was incredibly well-thought-through and looked fabulous. We acknowledge the time and effort put into the process an very much hope to keep the partnership alive and well for future initiatives and projects.