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Bertha Park High School

Our Uniform

Where to buy

You can purchase blazers and ties from Stevenson's

85 Scott Street
01738 637843

A full price list can be downloaded here.

Our tie

The tie is an original tartan, designed exclusively for our school.

They are available from our uniform partners - Stevenson's. Find out more, and purchase online on their website here.



A purple blazer is available for all pupils S1 to S6.

Blazers are available from our uniform partners - Stevenson's. Find out more, and purchase online on their website here.


Shirts, trousers, jumpers, skirts & shoes

The following clothing completes our uniform:

  • a white shirt or blouse that can button to the top
  • a black skirt or dress trousers
  • black dress shoes

All shirts must be buttoned to the top and the tie must be worn at the top, too. Boys' shirts must be completely tucked-in at all times.

  • whilst it is not compulsory, pupils may wear a plain, black v-neck jumper if it would help to keep them warm on colder days. Please, no branding or labels. 

Please avoid

The following clothing does not form part of our uniform:

  • trainers or sports shoes (even if they are black in colour) - except for during PE classes
  • black shoes with white banding at the bottom - including baseball boots
  • jeans (even if they’re on sale in the ‘school wear’ section)
  • denim jackets
  • leggings (thick or thin)
  • hoodies or any branded jumpers
    [School-branded hoodies may be worn for specific sporting events, but are not part of our day-to-day uniform]


Here's how our uniform fits with our values:

Values How does this fit?
safety Helps avoid competition over named brands jackets, preventing bullying
inclusion All families have a relatively modest spend for a jacket


Promotes school spirit and a feeling of belonging to part of a team
pride Everyone can look and feel like they take pride in the school's image
community Pupils will be identifiable, promoting a positive image in the community