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Bertha Park High School

Phones & Mobile Devices

We are currently developing our full policy & guidance on the use of mobile devices and mobile phones in our school. Until we have that published though, here is our direction of travel, so everyone knows where they stand.

Pupil Devices

Every pupil will receive their own Apple iPad when they start at Bertha Park High School. This device will be used to access a wealth of learning resources, to organise their work and to create ways of demonstrating their learning.

Pupils and parents are required to sign-up to an agreement on their appropriate use, and we will be asking for a modest financial contribution towards insuring them.

Full details will be made available when the policy is ready (end of June 2019).

Pupil phones

Some schools encourage pupils to bring phones with them to school as they can be utilised for learning. However, with a school iPad and access to the internet, there is no need for our pupils' phones to be used in this way. We think the pupils will learn better without constant access to their phones.

Therefore, pupil phones will require to be locked in their locker from 8:55am to 3:40pm. This is not negotiable. They are free to use them before and after school, but not during school hours. Here's why:

  • We wish to encourage face-to-face interaction during intervals and lunchtime and cut-down on unhealthy screen time.
  • There is significant support amongst parents and teachers for a social media detox 
  • Access to social media can be a serious distraction and become a source of antisocial and undesirable conduct
  • The pressure many young people feel from social media can contribute to mental ill-health and is not helpful in a learning environment
  • Phone calls and texts home from young people experiencing challenges at school can often be unnecessarily alarming for parents, in the first instance

Pupil/parent contacting during the school day:

  • Pupils wishing to contact home should do this via the school office
  • Parents wishing to contact their children should do this via the school office
  • Pupils will have their phones up to 8:55am and after 3:40pm to pick-up messages

Please ensure that all pupils are aware of this most basic arrangement. Again, it is non-negotiable and is just part of the way our school will operate. 


Phones, or any other pupil devices, are not insured whilst in school. Should anything happen to them, the pupils are solely responsible - neither the school nor Perth & Kinross Council can accept any responsibility for them, as we do not require them to be brought to school.

Parental Support

We trust that families will support us whilst we do what we feel is in the best interests for our learners, by reinforcing these arrangements at home.