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Bertha Park High School

Staff Introduction Videos

An introduction to our team...
Our staff have been making videos to introduce themselves to our school community. We will be uploading new videos every week so keep checking regularly to see more of our team.

To start us off, here is our Head Teacher, Mr Clyde and our Depute Head Teacher, Mr Mills.



Next up, Mrs Tramontanas (Principal Teacher of PE) and Miss Cochran (Principal Teacher of Maths).


Our next two staff members are Mrs Bartlett, our General Assistant and Mr Miller, our School Technician.



Time to introduce Mr Sandilands (Principal Teacher of CDT) and Mrs Haggart (Principal Teacher of Social Subjects).


Below you will find Mr Blyth (Principal Teacher of Music) and Mr Smith (Principal Teacher of Science).


Now for our Principal Teachers of Guidance, Mrs Cuthbertson and Mr McMartin.


Next up we have Mrs Hamilton (Principal Teacher of English) and Mrs Stead (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support).



Two staff coming up who do a great job supporting our pupils - Mr Blyth (Pupil Support Assistant) and Chris Forber (Community Link Worker).


Time to introduce Mrs Tragham (Principal Teacher of Visual Arts) and Mrs Ali (Principal Teacher of Home Economics).



Let me introduce Mrs Gallacher (Principal Teacher of Business and Computing) and Mrs Heenan our Enhanced Provison Teacher.



Our next two staff members are Mrs O'Malley (Teacher of Chemistry/Science) and Miss Black (Teacher of Geography/Social Subjects).


Time to say hello to Mr Marshall (Teacher or PE) and Mrs Smith (Teacher of English).


Below you will find our Modern Languages department, Madame Mackenzie (Principal Teacher) and Senorita Digney.


Next up, we have Mr Banks - Jeff - (Facilities Management) and Miss Armstrong (Teacher of Mathematics).


Time to say hello to Mrs Cameron, our Active Schools Coordinator and Mr McRobert (Teacher of Modern Studies/Social Subjects).